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A Gift For Welsh Mums

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

As the Welsh weather warms, Trailhead and Aber Falls have teamed up, to present a gift for all Welsh Mums. Who thought Gin and jerky would make such a good combination? On a warm spring Sunday picnic in the park, Aber Falls brings the finest Welsh Gin and Trailhead brings the snacks, four flavours of artisan beef jerky.

They have paired up the very best welsh jerky, with a variety of Aber Falls gin flavours.

The first combination is Aber Falls Welsh Dry Gin and Get Jerky Teriyaki. The sharpness and the clean citrus notes of the Welsh dry gin by Aber falls, complement the slightly sweet and tangy flavours of the Get Jerky Teriyaki, the spicy notes cut through to give you a perfect balance of sweetness and spice.

We then move on to an overall well-rounded partnership. Aber Falls Rhubarb and Ginger and Get Jerky Black Garlic and Ginger. The deep spice of the black garlic and ginger combined with the warmth of the gin creates an aromatic spice explosion. All Followed by the sweet aftertaste of rhubarb.

The next combination is sweet and peppery, Aber Falls Orange Marmalade and Get Jerky Black Pepper. A refined balance of sweet and bitter orange flavours, complemented by an earthy warmth of Get Jerky Black Pepper.

The Smokey spicey mix of chocolate, coffee and chilly, Aber Falls Coffee and Dark Chocolate Liqueur and Get Jerky Hot Smoked Chipotle. Roasted Coffee beans blend with the warmth of the smoked chipotle with deep undertones of dark chocolate.

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