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In the Welsh Wind - ‘Grain to Glass’ Welsh Whisky

In The Welsh Wind is a small distillery overlooking Cardigan Bay that specialises in creating bespoke spirits in copper pot stills. The distillery is largely focused on gin, but has taken a recent interest in whisky. They produce and sell their award-winning, Signature Style dry gin and whisky in their distillery at Tanygroes. Surrounded by woodland and fields, the very barley they use for their whisky is grown right outside, and the all-important water comes from springs deep beneath the Welsh countryside.

Owners Alex and Ellen have studied the whisky making process, learning to understand the grain, but endeavouring to bring their own unique spin on it. Co-owner and director Alex says, “We began to develop the idea that the barley and the land where it is grown, not simply the cask, could deliver something to the flavour profile of whisky. We began to talk about “tir” (Welsh for “land”) in connection with whisky and explored the idea of a single malt that would taste irrefutably of Wales. The result is the perfect expression of our beloved corner of Ceredigion in whisky form.” In The Welsh Wind has also taken sustainability into consideration when devising the plans for their whisky production, eliminating the need for energy heavy kilning by instead malting to order on site, so the malted grain no longer needs to be transported or stored.

Entirely processed and distilled in Wales, In The Welsh Wind works with local farmers to bring you a uniquely Welsh whisky. In The Welsh Wind’s ‘Welsh Origin Whisky’ is a single malt whisky distilled using Welsh-grown barley, made 100% ‘grain to glass’. In The Welsh Wind established the first Welsh malting house in over 100 years after the Welsh Whisky Distillery Company was liquidated in 1910 as whisky fell out of fashion. However, there has been a revival in the whisky business since the early 2000s, and has seen the return of whisky being made in Wales, but up until now, Welsh distilleries have been using barley from producers outside of Wales.

The inaugural distillation of Welsh Origin Whisky is currently being matured at the distillery in 30-litre casks. One thousand casks, laid down to mature until spring 2024, are available to buy both online and at the distillery at £1,500 for 30L, giving groups of friends the opportunity to join together to secure one. Investors receive a cask ownership certificate, regular updates on how the whisky is developing, and access to offers relating to In The Welsh Wind whisky, independent bottlings and other distillery products. They will be able to sample the whisky during the maturation process and – circumstances allowing – visit the distillery and check on the cask.

So why not be a part of history and join the whisky revolution? Head to to buy now or contact them on 01239 872300

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