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The Welsh stalls at the UK food and drink show

Updated: May 11, 2022

The Welsh came to show off some of the very best it has to offer at the Uk food and drink show in the NEC Birmingham. Finally, being able to relish in the excitement of face to face business, the show dedicated a large exhibition section to Welsh food and drink. Here are some of the Welsh businesses that were exhibiting at the show.

Brightening up the Birmingham arena with vases of yellow daffodils, Daffodil Foods spent the show offering visitors a taste of Wales, encompassing the sustainable ethos that's at the heart of all of their products. Daffodil Foods produces Welsh clotted cream, raspberry compote and a range of plant-based chocolate desserts all served in glass jars

Bearing bottles of Rum, Barti Ddu is the creation of Jonathan Williams, known around Pembrokshire for his love of seaweed. John handpicks laver seaweed from across the beautiful Welsh west coast of Pembrokeshire, to infuse the finest Caribbean rum, seasoned with delicate notes of vanilla, clove and a subtle hint of orange, Barti Ddu adopted its name from the famous Welsh pirate.

Representing Welsh dairy, Daioni organic, obtaining its name from the welsh language meaning goodness, is a Welsh family-owned business that provides some of the most delicious dairy products Wales has to offer. With all of its products, organic Daioni got the chance to meet and create valuable face to face connections once again.

Stacking up the exhibition shelves with its famous Pembrokeshire chilly sauce, Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm is a family run business based in Wales. Pembrokeshire chilli farm uses the fantastic Pembrokeshire climate to grow its chillies. Cultivating some of the most delicious sauces, jams, grinders and rubs, picked fresh from the plants.

Posting on Instagram their time at the NEC, packing their stall high with award-winning artisan beef jerky, Trailhead spent the day creating new connections and showing off one of Wales's favourite snacks. Trailhead’s famous jerky is low in fat and high in protein, making it the perfect alternative to the usual sugar-packed snacks on offer.

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