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A Justified Win for Devil's Bridge Rum

Devil's Bridge win two awards from the Great British Food Magazine for their delicious Welsh spiced rum.

We've told you before how great Devil's Bridge Rum tastes, and if that wasn't proof enough, they won two awards from the highly esteemed Great British Food Magazine back in November. Launched in 2014, the GBFM celebrate the country's finest artisanal produce and hard-working people behind the scenes. It comes as no surprise that Devil's Bridge are amongst the greats with their unique sweet and spicy rum. One of the judges described the rum as having “A very pronounced nose of sweet spice and baking spice, vanilla, dried tea, cinnamon, ginger, clove...mouthfeel is very rich, buttery, and creamy, a lovely texture throughout with lots of spiced fruit.” The packaging was also highly praised for its bright red glow and attractive design, noticeable on any shelf. Grab your bottle of Devil's Bridge Rum from and taste for yourself.

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