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Gower Gin paves the way for a sustainable Welsh future

The Gower is regarded by many in the Southwest as the pearl of Wales. With some of its gorgeous sandy shores renowned globally, Gower Gin has bottled the beauty of this treasured coast, leading distilling practices that protect, conserve and embrace what is wildly available.

Only using recycled packaging and eliminating all plastic, owners Sian and Andrew Brooks were honoured to win the award of sustainable business of the year at the Welsh food and drink awards.

Gower Gin commented "We love the Gower we try everything we can to protect the environment. Sustainability governs all the decisions we make and we are constantly reviewing our protocols"

Foraging botanicals is one of Andrews's greatest passions, picking and distilling the ingredients he finds on his walks along the Welsh coast is what inspired Gower Gin to open. For their speciality Sloe Gin, Andrew and Sian gathered a large troop of forages. Grandparents and their grandchildren from the local community came out in full force to forage sloes. Gower Gin ensures it follows the foraging code to help keep the Gower special for everyone.

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