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New Release from Aber Falls : Introducing Distiller's Cut

Released in December 2021, to close what has been yet another strange year, comes the Distiller's Cut from Aber Falls Distillery. This single malt Welsh whisky is available on their website, but for a limited time only, so grab yours before the barrel runs dry! The new release is a representation of the distillery's cask characteristics that make their main release so special. Its deep amber colour is a reflection of the whisky's maturation in orange wine casks, leading to its fresh citrusy scent balanced with rich oak. The sweet orange persists to come across on the palate, alongside notes of toffee, chocolate and espresso balancing with creamy berries. This puddingy flavour lasts until the end, and finishes with an undertone of wood spice. Chef Jack of the Aber Falls team has created a Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe that is doused in a sauce infused with Distiller's Cut, enhancing the traditional dessert for a particular sweet treat. Whisky and recipe available at Home - Aber Falls Whisky Distillery (

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