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All New Gear: A Different Way To Drink Beer

Tomos Watkin, the family run Swansea brewery has brought the party home this summer by releasing their brand new mini-kegs. Perfect for barbecues and outdoor get togethers, a five litre keg should be fundamental to any gathering. You can bring the pub home with a range of choice of either their zingy IPA, dark and delicious Cwrw Idris or beautiful Blodwin.

Known as one of the great ales of Wales, Tomos Watkin have won numerous awards in the brewing industry such as best brewery, family business of the year and a silver medal in the world beer championship. Who wouldn’t want to try one of Wales’ best beers ?

Backstage behind the beers... when Connie Parry and her late brother bought the brewery back in 2002 the family joined the business of brewing also. That’s what gives the company that special touch, with customer service and shows that brewing really is in the blood!

If you are wondering how the company keeps it cool with a lockdown summer. They have had some really fun collaborations over the months including a brand new espresso stout using recycled coffee ground from Afan’s Coffee Co. Tomos Watkin loves partnering with other local independent brands and coming up with new ideas on how to brew. This brings us back to their new way of drinking beer with brand new mini kegs for all occasions.

Whether it’s bringing the party back home or wanting to be the talk of street festivities, the Tomos Watkin mini kegs are there for you to pour your own pint the way you like it. No more foamy tops, just freshly poured thirst quenching ales.

How to get your hands on these mini magic kegs? Want to try an espresso stout ale? Head to their website and fill in a quick pre order form.

Check out @TomosWatkinBrewery over on Instagram to stay up to date with their latest brew releases.


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