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Another Welsh Product Recognised by the UK Geographical Indication Scheme!

A highly sought after award, the creme dela creme of having your product recognised in the UK, an award that gives legal protection against imitation and misuse, yes, it’s the UK Geographical Indication scheme (UK GI).

Established at the beginning of this year as the UK parted ways with the EU (European Union), the UK Geographical Indication Status gives businesses security with international protection. Recently, we’ve seen a handful of Welsh creations achieve the award and today we congratulate their most recent awardees.

Gower Salt Marsh Lamb has become the first new product to be awarded UK GI Status. The Welsh delicacy is the 17th member to join this elite Welsh GI family of products, joining other award winners such as Welsh Lamb, Welsh Beef, Pembrokeshire Earlies and Anglesey Sea Salt! All Welsh GI family products are Welsh to the core and each has an interesting story to tell.

Dan and Will Pritchard, the owners of the Gower Salt Marsh lamb family farm in the picturesque Gower Peninsula, spoke with Nation.Cymru and had this to say on their achievement..

“We’re exceptionally proud of what we produce and it is fantastic that it is being recognised and celebrated. Today’s announcement will help to protect the reputation of our regional product, promote traditional agricultural practices and eliminate non genuine products. It’s a great day for Wales and Welsh produce.”

A big congratulations to Dan and Will Pritchard! Have a browse of their now award winning delicacies below and read more about their story.

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