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Breaking New Ground - Swansea's First Vegan Gelato

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Planning a trip to the beach this summer? Dreading a long drive and looking for your nearest vegan friendly coffee place? Ground Swansea is a new coffee bar run by Great Green Kitchen, offering 100% plant based drinks and snacks, where oat milk is served as the standard in your coffee.

Great Green Kitchen is a specialist plant-based food company, co-owned by vegan chef and consultant, Helen Wilson. Helen was head chef at Swansea’s first vegan cafe, Urban Zen and her recipes have appeared in many major food magazines, books and websites. Ground Swansea is an exciting partnership between Helen and paddleboard expert, Matt Barker-Smith of The Sup Hut. The project has been in the making for over two years, and last month, Ground Swansea opened its doors for the first time. Originally planning on opening before the pandemic, lockdown luckily gave Helen plenty of time to practise and perfect the recipes for plenty of delicious vegan cakes that she can’t wait to share with you. Head to the cafe early in the morning to grab a homemade cake to takeaway, followed by a couple of savoury options at lunchtime. You can expect to find options like banana bread and gluten free savoury muffins and a colourful range of vegan macarons, exclusive to Ground Swansea!

Business has been going strong at the coffee bar since opening day, and Ground Swansea is already catching the eye of the vegan community by releasing a vegan gelato, which they believe is one of only a handful for sale in the UK. Helen wanted to create a vegan gelato to the same standard as a gelato that uses dairy ingredients as she was tired of vegan options being seen as second best to their dairy counterpart. The gelato is also free of soy and gluten, so is great for those with allergies. If you head into Ground Swansea, make sure to try their decadent affogato, combining their gorgeous gelato with coffee to create the perfect summer pick me up.

Ground Swansea is further dedicated to being a plastic free business; no drinks are sold in plastic bottles and you will only receive your drinks in biodegradable cups. You can enjoy your drink on the beach, knowing that you’re helping keep the oceans clear of plastic waste.

Keep up with Ground Swansea at or give them a call on 07581 005605

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