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Brecon burger wins best plant-based burger in the UK

Updated: May 11, 2022

The burger towering almost as high as the beacons themselves, Welsh chef Cai Williams from Hill, a restaurant in Brecon renowned for its extravagant beef burgers, wins the vegan burger of the year award at the National Burger Awards held in London. The delicious plant-based burger winning top spot has not even made it to the restaurant's menu yet.

The burger in question was cheffed up by Cai's current love for East Asian food. The Asian inspired burger combines pickled red slaw, and spring onions mixed with a delicious plant-based patty.

It may come as a surprise to learn the restaurant famed for its innovative beef burgers brings home gold for one of its only plant-based inventions. Hills menu is famous for its wide range of imaginative burgers, from Biscoff beef to gravy and chips and a burger encrusted in gold.

The restaurant owners of Hill have congratulated Cai and are looking forward to bringing more plant-based burgers to the menu in the future.

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