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Castle Dairies - New Products and Recipes

Castle Dairies is launching a new 200g butter roll in Tesco’s at the start of July, featuring Halen Mon sea crystals. Halen Mon collect their salt using traditional hand harvesting methods and filter the salt through pure charcoal. They add no preservatives or colourings, it’s just pure, authentic Welsh salt; only the best ingredients for Castle Dairies. At the same time their new 500g Salted Spreadable Butter will be launching in Tesco's.

Castle Dairies, established in 1966 in Caerphilly, uses 100% Welsh Cream to make their butter, deliciously blended with Halen Mon Sea Salt Crystals from Anglesey. Since last year, Castle Dairies has switched to only using British rapeseed oil in their products, made with sustainable energy production. This means a reduction in food miles, and an uptake in support of local farmers. It is impressive to see Castle Dairies are currently working with over 200 Welsh farmers across the country when nearly half of the food consumed in the UK is imported. The special care Castle Dairies has taken to pick the finest ingredients makes their butter the perfect addition to pack any recipe with a bit of extra flavour. Head to their website to check out their gorgeous recipes for potato and onion cakes and Indian butter chicken using their butter.

As well as their dedication to using the best British ingredients, Castle Dairies is dedicated to improving the world around them through a focus on helping local communities and improving their sustainability. Castle Dairies ensure that all their raw materials come from Red Tractor Assured Farms, which ensures that food and drink are responsibly sourced, and that the food can be traced back to British farmers, and are committed to reducing the plastic waste in their packaging, aiming to reduce their overall plastic by 25% by the end of the year, and have developed an ambitious plan to be carbon net zero by 2025. You can even help out when buying their products – a share of Castle Dairies’ profits are allocated to Community Foundation Wales, a charity which supports local communities and charities where government funding falls short, and another share goes towards creating university grants for students in local secondary school in disadvantaged areas who hope to attend university.

Grab Castle Dairies salted butter roll and 500g Salted Spreadable Butter in Welsh Tesco’s from 5th July, and keep an eye for a review in Taste.Blas of the butter roll later this month.

Contact Castle Dairies on 029 2088 3981 or email them at

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