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Daioni Organic Review

by Meg Evans

Perfect for on the go, Daioni Organic is the refreshing answer to all your coffee needs - without the sugar. We tried a variety of their chilled coffee beverages, and the verdict? Daioni should be one of your summer staples. Offering a shelf life of 9 months, Daioni Organic’s variety of on-the-go coffees made with organic milk are the perfect fit for anyone who is looking for a sugar free alternative. Best served chilled with ice, this summer’s staple couldn’t be more of a thirst-quencher. A pure, creamy taste that offers enough to give you your caffeine fix, yet not too sweet that it lingers for hours afterwards as Daioni uses no added preservatives. From M&S, Co-Operative Food to WHSmith and Holland and Barrett, you can find them on the shelves of plenty of major retailers.

PRICE: £23 For a case of 12 Daioni Organic Coffee Latte 330 ml.

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