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Exploring new Pastures

Cardiff's upmarket restaurant Pasture expands, popping up a second space in the city, creating a new direction for the brand that will incorporate a newly imagined menu and a speakeasy bar.

Often being booked to capacity in its Cardiff and Bristol branches, Pasture has created a totally unique dining experience. With kitchen grills and dry-aged Welsh pastured meat on full display, guests can experience their food with their eyes before devouring it with their mouths, watching as hanging whole cuts get sliced into premium steaks.

Incorporating dishes from its original menu, Pasture envisions a more modern take for its new space. Just a stone's throw away from the original Pasture on St Marys, the Restaurant opposite the castle will be serving up a menu of small plates, incorporating a nouveau touch on some of the current dishes on offer, bringing different cuts of meat and fish to the menu.

The basement has been knocked through, transforming into a large lounge bar, a relaxing space that will expand on the drinks that are currently on offer at Pasture. This new bar will Include secret doors for guests attending the private dining lounges.

Impressively employing 80 staff members, Pasture will be welcoming a further 30 new members to their team. Offering training and experience by employing more young chefs, bar workers and waiters, Pasture is aiming to open the new space at the end of summer, in August.

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