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Fiery Fun from Get Jerky

Coming in hot from the award-winning beef jerky maestros, Get Jerky is the brand new Spicy Selection. This fiery package contains eight tasty sachets of the Silverside Cut Welsh Beef with a zingy twist. In a time where the obsession with hot sauce and anything hot is growing, this new release is perfect for fanatics. Combining meat and spice, this is an ideal snack for all times, whether you're on the go or lazing at home. The Spicy Chilli edition in the collection delivers a well balanced flavour experience and is for those wanting a mild level of heat, made up of Trailhead's secret blend of chillies and spices. And for something (a lot) hotter is Devil's Wrath. As the name suggests, this is a jerky that packs some serious heat, becoming the hottest Get Jerky product. The homemade marinade gives the jerky a rating of 5 on the heat scale, making the snack a challenging experience as well as a tasting one! Spicy Selection and more available at Get Jerky - Delicious Welsh beef jerky & protein snack - Free UK Delivery (

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