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Gwinllan Llaethliw Vineyard

At the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains, Gwinllan Llaethliw began their journey in 2008 after planting 5275 Solaris, Rondo, Regent and Orion vines. The vineyard has since largely expanded and grown a wider variety of grapes, including Bacchus, Seyval Blanc, Pheonix, Pinot Noir and Madeleine Angevine.

Translating to “colour of milk”, Llaethliw was named after a nearby river whose running water’s appearance is like milk, and is possibly the inspiration behind the titling of Dylan Thomas’ ‘Under Milk Wood’. The Llaethliw Red, made from Rondo grapes, is a light purple wine with aromas of plum and cherries, and notes of blackberry. An incredibly soft drink, this red is light enough to be chilled down slightly, and enjoyed with roast chicken during the winter time.

Llaethliw Red: £16.00

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