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Meet Merthyr’s New Cheesecake Champion

The cheesecake guy is putting his own twist on the tasty dessert dish.

Last week we visited Merthyr’s epic cheesecake stop spot to give you the ultimate review of The Cheesecake Guy. Before visiting you should know that this place usually has a queue but there’s a genuine reason for it…. Their cheesecake’s are seriously GOOD. As we waited for our turn, customers came out with bags full of cheesecake and we thought perhaps we’d made it too late! The Cheesecake Guy often sells out before you get your eyes on the prize. But alas we made it in and there was a HUGE selection of choice.

From his infamous cheesecake jars that you can take away to freshly made slices there are options for the whole family. We opted to try one of the cheesecake shakes, a cheesecake slice, a cheesecake jar and the cookie dough which is served up hot. Below we review our goodies so you can have an idea on what to expect on your next visit…

First on the list: Kinder Bueno Milkshake

First we tried the kinder bueno milkshake and what a burst of flavour to the tastebuds this seemed to be. The perfect naughty treat to accompany a cheesecake. We initially thought it may be too sweet but it proved us wrong and brought a well known flavour mixed with the cheesecake magic to life.

They speedily make the shakes as you decide if you fancy any cheesecakes to accompany your order. Not only do they offer freshly made milkshakes, they also sell their famous flavoured milk in a range of flavours such as Ferrero Roche, Milkybar, Biscoff etc which is bottled so it’s easier to take home and store in the fridge.

Next Up: The Cheesecake Jars

With so many choices to choose from, every visit can be different at The Cheesecake Guy. We were able to take these home without worrying about tipping them over which is a huge bonus of the jars. Plus they last a bit longer than the average cheesecake slice. This makes them perfect for gifts… some inspiration could be a goodies gift hamper.

We opted for our favourite flavours, Biscoff and Milkybar, as we ate our slices at the store we took these home to have with a nice cup of tea. The jars were moist and packed full of different flavours; you get the crunchiness of the biscuit base mixed in with creaminess of the milkybar topping. The cheese element of the cheesecake was mixed to perfection.

Next we opted for the trusty cheesecake slice which was not only tasty and appetising but aesthetically pleasing as well with each slice looking like a work of art. The sauce drips down each side almost enticing you to have another slice. With a number of choices also to choose from you will definitely find your perfect post dinner match.

So whether you’re looking for a dazzling dessert or just popping in for a tasty treat The Cheesecake Guy has you covered. He also caters for larger orders and does custom orders over on his Instagram. Here’s where to find him….

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