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Morgan's Brew Tea - Pack your Recipes with Flavour

Morgan’s Brew Tea is so passionate about tea, that they want you to try adding it to your food. You heard me right! Morgan’s state on their website that ‘cooking with tea can bring a unique flavour to your food’. Imagine adding the smoky essence of their Dragon’s Breath tea to your chilli, or their Smoky Earl Grey to a casserole. Just make a large mug of tea using a teaspoon and a half of the tea leaves and leave to steep for about five minutes, before adding it to your recipe. You can also use the chai as a dried ingredient, just like how you would add any herbs or spices. Not ready to try savoury yet? Add some of their rhubarb tea to your apple pie by adding a grinded tablespoon of tea to the mix, you won’t regret it.

If you’re not quite ready for adding tea to your food though, Morgan’s has a vast range of 17 black teas, 11 green teas, 3 chai teas, 7 herbal teas and 4 fruit infusions for you to choose from for your morning brew. Morgan’s recommends their calming Counting Sheep tea, a mixture of chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, and rose petals, perfect for those of you returning to the office who need a little extra help relaxing.

It all began in 2006 when Anne and Geoff became the owners of Poppy’s Tudor Tearoom in Shrewsbury. Their regular customers wanted a tea that they could use at home, and so a plan came to fruition. For six months, a group of regular customers sampled a different black tea every day to find their favourites, and thus Morgan’s Brew Tea was born. In 2010, Anne and Geoff sold Poppy’s and started making tea full time. From their beginnings in Shrewsbury, their tea has expanded across the world from Wales to Japan!

Morgan’s Brew Tea only use the highest quality ingredients, sourcing their teas from traditional plantations that grow their teas using natural methods. So why not start off by trying one of their bestsellers? Their Morgan’s Earl Grey loose leaf tea comes with a beautiful blend of sunflower petals to add a little sunshine to your morning, Brecon Breakfast can fortify you for the morning commute or Dragon’s Breath can get you fired up with hints of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and peppercorn.

Lockdown has hit Morgan’s hard. During the first lockdown, they received a boost in direct orders as shops were only open to buy the bare essentials (which tea arguably is) but with cafes and delis having to shut, Morgan’s has lost a vital aspect of their customer base. Business is starting to pick up again, but nowhere near the pace that is needed for businesses to make a quick recovery. However, if you head directly to their website, then you can benefit from Morgan’s exclusive reward system. Earn points each time you shop with them to go towards money off your next order. You earn a point for every pound you spend, but you can also easily pick up points for things like creating a store account (200 points), liking Morgan’s facebook page (20 points) and even having your birthday (200 points). On top of their rewards system, if you head to their website, you can get 20% off your order until 1st July. Why not order some of their fruit teas to make iced tea? The perfect way to cool down in a heatwave.

Contact Morgan’s Brew on 01938 552 303 or order on their website at

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