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Morgan’s Brew Tea

Establishing in a tearoom in 2006, Morgan’s Brew Tea Company grew rapidly as regulars realised the tea was too good not to take home. Geoff and Anne at Morgan’s have since created a wide range of teas brimming with delicious flavours and combinations - with Chai, decaffeinated, Earl Grey, herbal, smoked, Green, fruit and traditional, there is something for everyone.

Part of their new Cambrians Mountains range, Stargazer is a stunning Green tea blend specifically designed to keep you awake so you can admire the Cambrian night sky into the early hours. But it’s not just the caffeine that’s the attraction. Lemongrass, apple, hibiscus, mango, orange peel and sunflower petals add great depth of flavour that’s sweet fruit and slightly sharp at the same time. Think a more complex, more powerful take on Earl Grey and you’re in the right ball-park. A wonderful tea.

A pleasant contrast is their Hibiscus herbal tea, a more delicate and altogether more subtle, but no less delightful, brew. It’s also quite tart but with a gentler, more cranberry-like flavour. Perfect for the evening when a caffeine-free option is wiser.

Lastly, we come to the Winter Berries blend. The aroma just screams Christmas, conjuring cosy nights in front of a roaring fire. Sweet, heady, aromatic. With a dash of sugar, the winter spice and fruit really sings as it swirls over the tongue and that aroma lingers long in the nose. Lovely. All three are a great illustration of what a tea master blender can achieve with skill, imagination and high-quality ingredients.

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