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Purple Moose Brewery's not so Micro Success!

Purple Moose Brewery is a ‘40-Barrel’ micro-brewery sat in the historic harbour town of Porthmadog, North Wales. Starting its brewing journey on the 14th June 2005, their first ‘one-off’ special ale at 3.5% called ‘No.1’ set them on the path of incredible success that has led to them recently celebrating the Brewery's 16th birthday, which after the last year, they were pleased to reach.

Since its launch in 2005, Purple Moose Brewery (Bragdy Mws Piws) has been instrumental in putting North Wales’ brewing industry on the map. Founder Lawrence Washington is highly commended by staff for playing his part in the company's success, seeming to have a keen eye for trends in brewing that are relevant to the Welsh culture he is surrounded by. Initially brewing with a 10-barrel kit and only 2 to 3 brewing cycles a week, by the time the brewery moved into a new brew house in March 2013, they were brewing up to 10 times a week to fulfil demand. Purple Moose now has 200 barrels that produce 800 casks of beer a week. In June 2015 the brewery shop moved to Porthmadog High Street helping to boost foot fall by 65%! When talking to the drinks business in 2018, Washington’s argument for the point of difference that has aided in the brewery’s success comes from the calculated use of conditioning tanks, an important asset to the popular taste of products, and also expressing a desire to do some special brew collaborations in addition to the seasonal beers Purple Moose offers. Fast forward a few years and the brewery has done just that.

When finding new ways to bring the brewery’s products to as many customers as possible (especially in the current climate of Covid-19) Welsh Steam Ale / Cwrw Stêm Cymreig and Purple Moose Brewery recently announced that in collaboration with the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways, they have produced a new own-labelled railway themed beer, exclusively for sale at the railway’s catering outlets! Welsh Steam Ale is a refreshing golden pale ale - the perfect accompaniment to a magnificent train journey through the mountains of Eryri (Snowdonia). Meeting up on the platform at the Porthmadog Harbour Station, Managing Director Lawrence Washington and David Bevan, Food and Beverage Manager of The Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways, officially launched the new partnership. Washington, clearly aware of what Welsh customers value, has timed the partnership to perfectly with Purple Moose's new Father's Day gift box set.

Click on the image to find out more, then read on to also be given a chance to take part in the brewery's euro giveaway. They have decided to celebrate with one lucky winner receiving a case of the Calon Lân Best Bitter (12 bottles)! To enter, simply comment below the post your final score predictions for all 3 of the Wales Group Games (Switzerland, Turkey & Italy), and tag a friend.

Don't know where to start? Why not try their Spirit of the Moose, a new form of spirit that takes distilled beer and turns it into a concentrated spirit. Like a whisky with the flavours of the hops from beer, you're bound to love it.

With great tasting beer that has been improved passionately over the last 15 years, we suggest you scroll over to their website to see for yourself what the perfected art of brewing is all about: or head to their shop in Porthmadog or Betws.

Written by Megan Evans and Sasha Smith

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