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Sustainability at Tŷ Nant

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Wind Turbine

Tŷ Nant welcomed a wind turbine to the Estate back in 2015. The energy produced by the turbine is sent directly to the bottling plant and the surrounding villages. This impressive environmental development has been essential to fossil fuel energy reduction in our manufacturing process and has been a key aid on our journey to becoming Carbon Neutral.

The Tŷ Nant Forest

Planted over 10 years ago The Tŷ Nant Forest sits within 200 acres of certified Organic land on the Tŷ Nant Estate. Tŷ Nant re-wilded the Estate with tree species and fauna native to the land over 150 years ago. Since the forest has been planted there has been a huge increase in wildlife both on the land and in the streams that pass through the beautiful Tŷ Nant Estate,


Every bottle of Water leaving the Tŷ Nant factory is packed in a fully recyclable cardboard box. Tŷ Nant took the environmental conscious decision to continue using cardboard in the packaging process for the foreseeable future.

Created On Site

To reduce carbon emissions the unique ripple shaped 100% rPET Tŷ Nant Bottles are made onsite. One lorry of preforms (the raw material used to make our bottles), makes the same amount of finished stock as 10 trucks of empty pre-made bottles.

Rain Water

Every drop of rain water that touches the Tŷ Nant facility?factory roof car pack is captured and fed to a dedicated reed bed before entering its natural habitat the river Arth.

100% rPET

The Tŷ Nant team are proud during 2021 to launch the 100% rPET range across all PET products. This means no virgin plastic is used in our bottles and now not only are our bottles 100% recyclable they are also created using 100% recycled material.

Head to their website below!

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