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Tasty Morsels : Devil's Bridge Rum

Inspired by a legendary Welsh tale, Devil’s Bridge Rum is a true reflection of Wales’ sense of storytelling and folklore. The story is well known – an old lady’s cunning plan to trick the devil into building a bridge over the Rheidol Gorge and it’s the inspiration behind the flavours of this quite uniquely flavoured rum. Devil’s Bridge Rum is initially matured in ex-bourbon barrels in the simmering heat of the Caribbean before being shipped to Wales where it’s steeped with that most traditional of Welsh delicacies, Bara Brith fruit loaf, and married to Glengettie black tea and Shirgar Carmarthenshire butter before finishing off with expertly chosen botanicals and spices, principally cardamom and vanilla. It’s 42% ABV to bring out the best of its ingredients.

The first thing to note is the exceptional bottle – a red matt finish, with intricate artwork that acknowledges and references its Welsh inspiration. Once opened, it’s best described as akin to the waft you get immediately after opening a packet of Bara Brith - full-on, spicy, baked fruit-bread aromas but very well balanced. As you inhale you then pick up the sweet molasses of the rum spirit itself. Combining with the strong flavour of Bara Brith on the palate are the more complex flavours of vanilla, cardamom and bourbon – all wonderful stuff but what is also remarkable is how smooth this rum is. There’s no burn and whilst it delivers bold flavours, they aren’t too overpowering. Its smoothness and complexity make it a great sipping rum that you can easily enjoy neat, all night long but it’s great with a mixer too – we tried it with Llanllyr Source ginger beer and thanks to its boldness, it really held its own against the ginger kick of the mixer.

Devil’s Bridge’s premium approach to rum will appeal first and foremost to rum fans. It has a unique flavour profile, tastes great and can be drunk neat. But it will also appeal to anyone used to gin who wants to expand their horizons, or maybe those that don’t find gin interesting enough, and are looking for something that’s an intriguing alternative. It’s a fine example of the new breed of premium artisan rum producers’ handiwork and with a genuine Wales inspired take. But don’t take our word for it. Since launching, Devil’s Bridge Rum has been showered with awards: Gold at the London Spirit Competition; Gold at the World Rum Awards; Bronze at the International Spirits Challenge. We Welsh always knew what a great combo our native fruit-loaf, tea and butter are – but who would have guessed what adding them to rum could achieve?

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