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The 5 Tales of Welsh Summer Ales

Untapped Brewery - Whoosh

Untapped brewery bring us a fantastic contender for this years summer Ales list. The brewery started off in 2009 as a two man outfit, after selling so much brew they branched out and opened their own brewery in 2013. The Raglan brewery boasts a motto of no findings or additives and just brew exclusively with barley. Now onto the beverage...

Whoosh if a hoppy extra pale ale which is blended with 4 hop varieties. It has a fruity nose for when you're feeling fun and bright zesty flavours to bring in the summer sun. This beer is aromatic and satisfying with a clean dry finish. The perfect potion of potentness.

Buy the beer:

Price: From £2.10 a bottle (Pack of 12)

Purple Moose - Elderflower Ale

Purple Moose, the 40 barrel microbrewery is situated at the mouth of Snowdonia in Porthmadog. Brewing from Welsh mountain water you can guarantee your beer tastes fresh. They started in 2005 and have since established a solid line of beer.

Their Elderflower Ale is a 4% ABV and made with natural ingredients. The Elderflower creates a floral bouquet in your mouth at each sip and has a delectable sweet citrus finish. Perfect for sitting in the garden watching the sun go down.

Buy the beer:

Price: £2.16 per bottle (Pack of 12)

Flowerhorn Brewery - LOOPS

Flowerhorn Brewery was funded by two friends Andrew and Arran. After working in the industry for 2 years they wanted to have their own taste of the brewing business and started making brew out of Arran's parents garage. After starting a delivery service in lockdown they became so popular they moved to the Bridge studios to open their brewery.

Loops is a magic mix of mango sweetness. A 5.7 % IPA which is brewed with oats, wheat and lactose to create a silky mouthfeel. The mango puree and tropical fruit flavours made from Mosaic and Azacca hops amplify that summer feeling.

Buy the beer:

Price: Keg / Bottle dependent

HARBWR - Caldey Lollipop

HARBWR is a family run Tenby brewery located directly on the harbour front. They want to create a celebration for beer as well as teaching people about the harbour history. They started in 2015 and opened their own taproom which is designed to portray the rich heritage of Tenby as a seaside town.

Caldey Lollipop is the perfect fusion of pine and grapefruit which gives you that zingy summer taste. Relax and recline whilst the new world hop aroma dances delicately on your tongue. Their 500ml bottle will perfectly satisfy that summer quench of thirst.

Buy the beer:

Price: £2.60 per bottle

Monty's Brewery - Sunshine

Monty's was founded by husband and wife duo Russ and Pam Honeyman in 2008 and they have been brewing ever since. They are focused on sustainability within the industry and use reheating techniques to cut down on their carbon footprint. They also don't use any plastic on any packaging!

Their most popular beer and in fact their first ever brewed back in 2009 'Sunshine' does exactly what it does on the tin. A golden burst of flavour with moderately hoppy tones. It has floral tendencies full of citrus aromas. It's perfect for watching the sunset at the beach.

Buy the beer:

Price: £2.85 per bottle (Pack of 12)


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