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Welsh Brew Tea - Bee Good to Yourself

Welsh Brew Tea thinks you deserve a break. We’ve all been going through tough times, and Welsh Brew Tea wants to make it easier for you to look after yourself.

Welsh Brew Tea is a family-owned company based in Mumbles, and has been making tea for the last 30 years. As well as tea, Welsh Brew Tea has introduced a range of coffees and hot chocolate over the years, so you have a range of drinks to choose from to enjoy with a Welsh cake.

Welsh Brew Tea released their wellness tea ‘Bee Good to Yourself’ early last year, a 100% natural green tea, blended with Welsh honey, blackberries and wildflowers, perfectly designed with your wellbeing in mind. Green tea is thought to have a number of health benefits because it is high in antioxidants which can protect the body against disease, but this wellness tea also benefits the environment. Everything about the Wellness Tea is natural and good for the environment, from the sourcing of their ingredients to the biodegradable packaging. The honey they have selected for their tea comes from Cardiff University’s Pharmabees project which uses cutting edge research to explore, ‘how the pollination of certain plants could lead to the development of drugs to treat serious medical conditions now resistant to traditional antibiotics - otherwise known as 'superbugs'.’ I’m sure we could all do with an immune boost right about now.

Welsh Brew Tea uses honey flakes for their tea, rather than flavouring, so you know you’re getting the best, and tastes amazing when combined with the Welsh water it has been specifically blended to compliment. Their teas can easily be found in a range of Welsh supermarkets, but their new Wellness Tea is currently only being sold through Co-op and on their website. Don’t forget to check out their bestselling core range of tea too; Welsh Brew Tea won a Great Taste award in 2020 for their core range, so you know their wellness tea is not to be missed.

Through the pandemic, Welsh Brew Tea has seen a rise in customers ordering through their online shop, but the pandemic still took a significant toll on their sales to hotels and B&Bs, which would usually account for up to 55% of their business. They have seen a slight improvement in business as restrictions lessen, with online sales still going strong.

Keep an eye out for Welsh Brew Teas upcoming release of their 300g bag of their luxury drinking chocolate.

Contact Welsh Brew Tea on 01792 363391 or go to their website

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