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Welsh butcher shop receives a double win

Updated: May 11, 2022

The renowned Welsh butcher shop in Llantrisant, The Gourmet Butcher, wins not one, but two awards! Coming in gold, winning, welsh Butcher Shop of the Year 2022 and new butchery business of the year. Known around Llantrisant for its high-quality cuts, The Gourmet Butchers is a family business, run by Angela, Gerwyn and their daughter Rachel.

Keeping close family ties has done the Gourmet Butchers well, with their vast experience in the fresh meat industry, they have quickly increased their sales and provided meat for some of the best restaurants and hotels in South Wales.

The Gourmet Butchers have added a modern touch to the local butcher shop. Offering cuts curated to customers’ sports and fitness goals. Offering ‘Mean and Lean’ or ‘Slim and Trim’ protein packs. Being one of the only Butchers to hold a certification in sports and Nutrition catering, fresh and sustainable meat to help customers achieve their body goals.

The family is delighted with their double win and is looking forward to seeing what the next year brings.

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