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White Castle Vineyard – Welsh Wine Week

It’s Welsh wine week! From 4th – 13th June, Welsh wine week is dedicated to making you better acquainted with Welsh wine and winemakers. There is no better way to celebrate than enjoying a glass of wine or two yourself, so why not support a local business whilst you do so?

Located between the beautiful towns of Abergavenny and Monmouth, White Castle Vineyard has been up and running since 2008 and is the dream-turned-reality of Robb and Nicola Merchant. Like many other businesses, the past year has been difficult for White Castle Vineyard, but they have seen an uptake in online orders. At the start of the pandemic, their online popularity was in part due to a special appearance on ‘James Martin’s Islands to Highlands’, first broadcasted in September 2019, causing a boost in their sales and a number of eager customers to get in contact after seeing the vineyard on the show. However, being unable to have visitors or give vineyard tours creating a disconnect between customers and the vineyard but White Castle Vineyard has managed to successfully tackle this by hosting tastings over zoom. Thankfully, White Castle is now able to warmly welcome guests back to tour their peaceful vineyard, but a series of zoom talks and live tastings have been arranged for Welsh wine week, which you can check out here.

At White Castle Vineyard, everything has been carefully selected to help produce the finest wine. The grapes closely monitored to find that perfect moment of ripeness, in which they are then carefully hand harvested and immediately taken to the winery to ensure all the flavour is kept intact.

Not sure where to start? Today is World Rosé day! Why not treat yourself to one of White Castle Vineyard’s silver award winning 2020 rosé? A limited release of 550 bottles will be available to buy from Friday 18th June.

Can’t wait till 18th? White Castle Vineyard’s favourite wines are their Pinot Noir (winner of the silver award for the international wine challenge), or their Rondo ‘Harry’, named for Robb and Nicola’s grandson. For the summer, they recommend a rosé or their sparkling white wine for a refreshing drink in the heat.

Robb and Nicola are excited for their Cabernet Franc, which will be ready for picking in October 2022, a completely new product never grown in the UK before that will definitely be worth the wait.

Head to for special offers on their wine, including free delivery over £30 orders or give them a call on 01873 821443

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