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Wrexham Lager - from Land’s End to the Highlands

Wrexham Lager has used the past year to completely turn their business around. It started with their new addition of Bootlegger 1974 Pilsner Lager, which was set to be released just as announcements were made that we would be entering a national lockdown last March. Quick thinking and proactive, Wrexham Lager did not let this stop them, and soon had a website up and running for customers to buy lagers directly from them to be delivered safely to their homes.

The brewery saw their dedicated fans filling in orders from all over the country - from Land’s End to the Scottish Highlands, their online orders have helped them reach more people than ever before. This popularity, along with being the recipient of six gold medals for their lagers (beating competitors from all around the world), has helped Wrexham Lager to expand beyond the British Isles; they recently filled an incredible order of 18,000 bottles to be delivered to Poland, whilst having talks about making deals with United Arab Emirates, Korea and Japan!

Of course, the brewery’s growth would not have been possible without their dedicated fans. Wrexham Lager has a dedicated community of locals helping them thrive. Before lockdown, their gates were rarely open, but with the need to draw in more business, Wrexham Lager opened a shop on the premises to provide locals with their much loved lager direct from the source. Within the next week, Wrexham Lager will also have its new mini keg machine running to produce mini kegs of Pilsner and Lager - perfect for those of you who have built your home bars up over the last year or may be looking for a way to celebrate the bank holiday.

It is no surprise that, with all of this business, Wrexham Lager is working on their fifth expansion to keep up with demand! Due to the recent exposure to Wrexham from the sale of the Wrexham football club to actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, and their upcoming documentary ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ hopefully drawing more tourism to the area, maybe there will be a sixth expansion in the future.

Order at or call them on 01978 266222 or stay updated by checking out their facebook page.

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