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Ansh recognised by Size of Wales for Sustainability Efforts

Almost a year ago, Ansh restaurant was set up by a former primary school teacher and a 4th generation farmer turned butcher, a burger restaurant with a difference. Owners Aled Hill and Shaun Jones want to champion local Welsh produce, and celebrate the language, history and culture of our country in an ethical, sustainable and regenerative way.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything Ansh does, and they’re getting recognised for it! Climate change charity, Size of Wales is using Ansh as a case study for their ‘Deforestation Free Nation’ campaign due to Ansh’s sustainable, ethical and regenerative commitment as a business.⁣ The campaign aims to help Wales eliminate imported tropical deforestation in order to tackle climate change, support biodiversity and protect indigenous people around the world.⁣ The main cause of tropical deforestation is food production, with just a handful of agricultural products causing 73% of all deforestation and land conversion in the tropics, so anything that can be done to reduce that is going to help the planet!

As the owner and proprietor of award winning butchers Oriel Jones Ltd, Shaun delivers exceptional produce directly from the family farm, Llygadenwyn, situated at the foothills of the Cambrian mountains where sustainable, ethical farming with the highest animal welfare standards are their priority. Their animals are all grass-fed rather than soy-fed which is not only better for the animals, but reduces deforestation as soy production requires a lot of land to be cleared. Ansh also uses local Welsh produce, not only because it’s the best, but because it reduces food miles!

On the farm is Cefn Blaenau, an area that was designated as a 'Site of Special Scientific Interest' in 1989. ⁣The site was designated for the rarity of its biodiversity and wildlife which includes many different species and birds and butterflies, along with dragonflies, badgers, otters, weasels and stoats! The cattle help control vegetation growth which in turn creates the ideal environment for ground nesting birds.

Ansh work really hard to be a sustainable company, and WWF has also recently picked Ansh as a case study for sustainable business. In the last year, Ansh have planted over 6,000 trees, and they further work to reduce their waste by using trims of meat in their burgers that otherwise might not get used, and they use the waste product from the production of Crafty Devil, the beer they sell at the restaurant, to feed the farm animals!

Visit Ansh at 589 Cowbridge Road East, Victoria Park, Cardiff CF5 1BE or contact them on 07498 499787

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