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Luing Cattle – Perfect for the Welsh Climate!

Unlike other parts of the world, where water resources are depleted, or significant land is used to grow feed, Welsh sheep and cattle are overwhelmingly reared on natural resources. With high standards of animal husbandry and pastureland management, family-run farms in Wales have helped preserve the unique landscape and will continue to do so for generations to come.

One beef and sheep farming couple who saw the potential in adopting a more sustainable way of farming are Iwan and Eleanor Davies of Hafod y Maidd Farm in Conwy. The farm, which is registered as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, has the terrain and grazing conditions that align with the natural habitat of Luing cattle – an extremely hardy breed originating from the Isle of Luing off the west coast of Scotland. They fatten the cattle at age when the grass conversion is at its highest, calving at two years and manage the peat bogs by grazing the Luings on it. It’s a highly efficient system that works for the farm and the environment. The Davies’ have more or less returned to the centuries-old farming systems of their forefathers.

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