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Pantri Swswen Conserves 

Returning from the Great Taste Awards with three stars accreditation and third place in the Golden Fork, Pantri Swswen offer an extensive range of marmalades, chutneys, conserves, jams, jellies and preserves. Based on their smallholding in Caersws, Powys, Lizzie and her husband set up Pantri Swswen because of Lizzie’s love of cooking growing up. Named after both the Roman Queen Swswen, who fought amongst the hills of Mid Wales, and the ‘Sws’ from Caersws, the Pantri’s name also derives from the ‘Swswen’s translation to ‘White Kiss’. Pantri Swswen follows the same methods and recipes used by Lizzie’s family when she began preserving, baking and cooking at her home in the 80s. Using local resources, Pantri Swswen’s products are a true representation of Wales.

Winning the awards this year was their Blackcurrant Conserve that’s made with local blackcurrants. Suspended in a thick fruit syrup, the blackcurrants hold their shape in this conserve resulting in a sublime consistency. It delivers the perfect mixture of sweetness and tartness that lets the complex flavours of the fruit shine. The taste is exquisite and develops into an explosion of deep, intense blackcurrant flavour. Their Four Fruit Marmalade & Welsh Rum is equally as exquisite, erupting with tangy and zesty flavours that come from a combination of oranges, ruby grapefruit, lemons, limes, and not to mention Da Mhile’s very own new Dark Skies Organic Rum. The perfect addition to breakfast to put a spring in your step to start the day.

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