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Pick and mix your favourite organic fruit and veggies

Updated: May 11, 2022

Young business owner and founder of Pontcanna Veg, Liv Han, took advantage of the lockdown period. Taking a closer look at her health, after years of unexplained symptoms, Liv transformed her diet. Learning she had an intolerance to the pesticides that get sprayed on fruits and vegetables, Liv began cultivating her organic produce, albeit, on a small scale. These seeds planted the roots that grew to be Pontcanna Veg.

Liv commented "The transition to organic produce changed my life. It gave me a new way to eat, it was a great pleasure to gather and create recipes that celebrated the wonderful foods that nourished me"

Pontcanna Veg began selling at Riverside market, one of the only trading spaces open during the lockdown. Motivated by the conversations she has had working at the stall, Liv aims to share the organic foods that have helped her heal.

Focused on lessening food waste, Pontcanna Veg have innovated a customised weekly veg box. Allowing the customer to curate and pick and mix their favourite fruits and veggies.

Now selling at markets across the capital and employing staff to work at the stalls, Pontcanna Veg focuses on sourcing the highest quality produce. Giving support to their growers and, wherever possible, sourcing veg that is locally grown. They aim to encourage the next generation of growers and educate customers to increase their interest in organic food.

Having broad connections with local and international suppliers. Pontcanna Veg have access to many independent UK growers and producers from Europe, allowing them to offer a diverse and interesting range and variety of fruit and veg throughout the year.

"For us, food is about creativity, generosity and conversation. We have made it our business aim to source the highest quality organic fruit and vegetables for our fellow Cardiffians"

You can find Pontcanna Veg weekly at :

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