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The Perfect Potion - 5 of the Best Welsh Witch Gin and Rum

Welsh Witch
Welsh Witch

As we now welcome warmer temperatures and lighter days, some of you might also celebrate Beltane, which is one of the four main Celtic seasonal festivals, and marks the beginning of Summer. Also known as Calan Mai here in Wales, after a cold and barren winter, the community would gather to dance, sing, feast and light bonfires to celebrate the coming of warmth, abundance and light.

Someone who knows these ancient holidays and traditions like the back of her hand is owner and creator of Welsh Witch, Jade Garston. The Wild Moon Distillery sits on the outskirts of Wrexham, where the unique and authentic spirits are distilled. Inspired by the Celtic holidays throughout the year, Welsh Witch has distilled a spirit to celebrate each occasion.

From a delicate floral Ostara gin to celebrate the “welcoming whispers of spring”, to a sumptuous Yuletide chocolate rum to devour in front of a roaring winter fire, there are 8 spirits to choose from inspired by the Celtic Wheel of the Year, alongside crowd favourites, the signature Gin and Rum.

Jade’s business came into fruition in 2019, when she began with creating a signature gin and a spiced rum, and although she’d initially intended on it being a side-line business alongside teaching, Covid-19 changed the trajectory on that path.

“No one knew what Covid was, or what that time was going to look like, but I had just attended my first trade show before the country went into lockdown and the feedback we had was incredible.” She said,

“Considering I’d gone in blind with no previous exposure of my product, the reaction to Welsh Witch was very positive and encouraging. People seemed to be curious about the brand, including the labelling and the story I had to tell. From then on I knew that I needed to be the face of the brand as well as the creator, especially as I believe so strongly in authenticity and I love chatting to different people and sharing my view on life.”

A person with endless passion for Wales and living authentically to her personal goals and values, visiting Jade at the Wild Moon distillery confirmed the love and care that goes into making each and every bottle.

Using mostly natural ingredients and distilling with pure Welsh water that’s been charged by the moon, the spirits are all hand-crafted and waxed sealed to add to the unique branding of the products.

“I’ll regularly play music to get the energy in the right place. I believe in good energy, and I love working that energy when in production. Love has got to go into it.”

“I’m a big believer in the idea that if it’s meant for me, the Universe will give me opportunities for a reason, and so I take each one and do what I need to do. Like the name, Welsh Witch, for example.

Mum and I were driving through Bwlchgwyn one day, and I’d been thinking about what to call my new venture. The live version of Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon came on the radio, and I hear Stevie Nicks say ‘this song is about a Welsh Witch’, and I thought, ‘that’s it! That’s me!’ It wasn’t just about the fact that I liked the name, it was also the fact that I’m Welsh, and a Witch. It’s about the story I can tell around my product, and since then it’s just grown and grown.”

Of course, life as a business owner is never without its challenges, as Jade found out in April of 2020 when Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds bought Wrexham Town FC, and as a part of their promotion and sponsor, they sent Ryan’s Aviation gin to local bars.

“I did hit a stumbling block after launching my two core products of rum and gin a few months prior. Trying to get my name out there, outside of my own circle, was hard enough without having to compete with Ryan’s gin. That aside, what he and Rob have done for the town is incredible and amazing to see! Maybe one day I will be on the same level to compete with his gin!”

By May of 2021, and ever the entrepreneur, Jade knew she wanted to create something different. Having seen a rise in popularity of pink gin, she decided to bring out a limited edition spirit to celebrate turning 30, as well as the celtic festival of Beltane, which both are celebrated on 1st May.

“The story then developed from there, and people started asking if I would introduce spirits for the other holidays. We ended 2023 with a Lammas Vodka, and Mabon, Samhain and Yuletide Rums, which completed our Celtic wheel of the year.”

Of course SEO and sales are important to Jade as a business owner, “but I also feel it’s really important to be genuine throughout.” She said,

“It’s all well and good using these traditions and Celtic holidays to promote my brand, but I also am truly passionate about living a holistic lifestyle and being a Witch. This is one of the reasons I have a blog on the website, where I talk about anything from the things I practise as a Witch, to educational pieces on Welsh history. We have so much to draw upon as Welsh people, which goes hand in hand with the ancient traditions of the Celts.”

As a Welsh Witch, using snippets of the Welsh language is also important to Jade.

“We have our own amazing language, and I want to champion it, which is why I include Welsh words here and there on my website, even for those who don’t speak it - it will peak their interest. I have so many orders from England, from people who either have family here or used to holiday in Wales, so the magic of Wales does extend further afield too!”

In March, Welsh Witch was given the opportunity to exhibit at the Northern Restaurant and Bar in Manchester by the Food and Drinks Wales project, Cywain, which is funded by the Welsh Government.

“I am so grateful to Cywain for the opportunity to attend the Northern Bar and Restaurant this year. Along with the location of the stand, the exposure was great and being able to speak to a high calibre of attendees was brilliant. People were intrigued by my set-up, I’d decided to bring along a cauldron where I added an incense stick inside, and that stopped people in their tracks and got the conversations flowing.

Being there with Charlotte and Louise [Cywain Growth Managers] alone was invaluable, and exhibiting alongside other producers who were all at different stages in their journey to me was so helpful.

Chilly Cow, Dewkes Dog Snacks and Do Goodly Dips all were lovely and so willing to chat and give advice. That’s another reason why I’m so glad to be a client of Cywain’s - the networking opportunities are second to none.”

With a thirst for knowledge and growth, Jade recently attended Cywain’s workshops at the beginning of the year, which are available for all Cywain clients.

“I recently attended the Getting Awards Ready workshop in Bodnant, and as well as being informative, it’s a great way to meet new people. You get support from the courses, but you also gain invaluable support and knowledge from other producers who attend, too.

I know I’m only scratching the surface with the resources available to me, with things like the Cywain Community I haven’t even tapped into yet! It’s reassuring to know that Charlotte is just on the other side of the phone if I need any advice. Being a client with Cywain has opened so many doors for me, I would definitely struggle to attend these big trade shows without them, and I know other countries don’t get the same support!”

Jade has recently been nominated for the Rising Star Award at the Welsh Food and Drink Awards, which are held at the end of May.

“I’m over the moon!” She said “It’s such a prestigious award, and there are some amazing food and drink companies out there on the list, so the fact I’m included in that is very exciting”

“It’s going to be such a fun experience to go down to Swansea, and even if I don’t win it’ll be a great opportunity to network and meet other producers. It would mean a lot to me to win a Welsh award though, as I have won a few others such as the Great Taste, Global Spirit Masters and International Wine and Spirits awards, but a Welsh one would be extra special.”

It sounds as if there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for Jade and Welsh Witch, with short term and long term projects in the pipeline.

“I’d love to have a Head Office of my own, where I can also offer a space for all under one roof. Firstly, of course my distillery, but also office space for people to work from, a community space with events such as guided meditation, and a bar in the evenings with some chilled out music, creating magical memories with likeminded people. I have a genuine interest in people and want them to feel at home, so it would be wonderful to create a space like this, under one roof.

I get it from my family, who have always loved having a good time, and I’d love to create a welcoming scene and nice place for people to chill. We’ve always loved making memories, that morning-after-the-night-before vibe where everyone shares their stories, and when they next take a sip of one of my products, those happy memories are sure to come back.”

To taste the magic for yourself, visit or follow Welsh Witch’s journey on Instagram @welshwitch_craftspirits where the story has only merely begun...

Welsh Witch products:



The Welsh Witch Original Dry Gin is a refreshingly crisp multiple award-winning botanical gin rooted in North Wales folklore.

The Signature Dry Gin was the first Welsh Witch spirit to launch and is a decadently refreshing trailblazer in botanical gins. Since its launch in 2020, it has received accolades of admiration; having won Silver Awards in both the London Spirits & International Wine and Spirits competitions respectively.

A pioneer of Welsh spirits, this multi-dimensional gin is classic yet refined. It is a juniper forward gin with a range of botanicals, bringing intense flavours and refreshing bursts of textures, stimulating the palate. Our Welsh Witch Dry Gin features invigorating notes of locally foraged gorse flower, coriander seed and bitter orange an dis perfect served with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

The gin completes its journey with a hint of spice, bringing an edge, never to overpower, to the full bodied flavours. Not forgetting the remarkable viscosity and signature silkiness, each bottle is then hand-corked, wax sealed, and finessed with magic.



This floral Ostara Edition gin is a violet flavoured delight for any gin enthusiast.

Celebrating the welcome whispers of spring, the Ostara Edition Gin pays tribute to the Pagan holiday by adorning an abundance of violets in each sip – perfectly paired with lemonade or light tonic and a tangy wedge of lemon.

Inspired by Ostara, the maiden goddess awakening in the celebration of the arrival of spring and an expansive new energy. Our new Ostara gin takes inspiration from the spring flower violet for a more floral gin, bottled in our iconic apothecary style bottles which are hand-corked and wax sealed.

Welsh Witch is the world’s only distillery to be charged by the moon, we honour the power of nature and celebrate premium botanical flavours in our spirits.



Made using reiki infused rose water, this Beltane edition Welsh Witch Gin honours the sweet and spice seen in Beltane fire rituals.

To celebrate the birthday of the Welsh Witch, we have crafted this gin inspired by all the elements and magic of Beltane.

The gin is sweet and floral celebrating summer and flowers, with our signature burst of refreshing citrus, finishing with a subtle hint of spice representing the fire in the Beltane rituals.

Using reiki infused rosewater, this magical tipple opens the heart and mind to the magic of the Beltane celebration; find yourself on an enchanting flavour adventure through the Welsh hills. Pair with Fever Tree Lemonade and garnish with summer berries and a cinnamon stick for the perfect tipple.

Each enchanting Welsh Witch Craft Spirit is bottled in small batches with adoration and care, a little piece of Celtic goddess in each sip.



Welsh Witch Mabon Rum celebrates the fruit harvest. Our smooth and silky sipping rum is infused with roasted apple.

Our Welsh Witch Rum Mabon brings to life the beauty of nature and the fruit harvest. This smooth and silky sipping rum infused with roasted apple, with a hint of the warm comforting flavour of an apple pie.

Inspired by the celebration of Mabon, a God of Welsh mythology – the Child of Light and the son of the Earth Mother Goddess. This is the Second Harvest, the Fruit Harvest and the Great Feast of Thanksgiving.

The apple is the symbol of the Fruit Harvest, featuring significantly in many sacred traditions. It is a symbol for life and immortality, for healing, renewal, regeneration and wholeness. It is associated with beauty, long life and restored youth.



Welsh Witch Samhain Rum celebrates the final harvest and the start of the Pagan calendar. This smooth and silky sipping rum is infused with caramelised pear, pumpkin and warm spices.

Samhain, or otherwise known as Halloween, is Celtic New Year’s Eve and the final harvest. It is one of the major festivals of the Wheel of the Year, for many Pagans the most important festival of all making our latest spirit in our drinks range a very special addition.

We have created a rum centred around traditional rich, warming flavours to honour the turning of the wheel of the year beginning again. With it we raise a glass all those who have come before and for all that has been gifted to us during the year as we ask for guidance and to set intentions.

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