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Spring Forward

Since the autumn of 2020, Tŷ Nant Water, the iconic water brand of Wales, renowned domestically and internationally for its iconic cobalt and crimson glass bottles, has been under new ownership by an independent British Company.

Situated in the heart of west Wales in the hamlet of Bethania, Tŷ Nant Water is the established award winning producer of Tŷ Nant natural mineral water and TAU spring water, with both waters drawn and bottled at source in the beautiful 300 acre Tŷ Nant estate. The facility itself utilises wind power through an on-site wind turbine and continues to maintain the outstanding estate to organic principles, a policy that has been in place for over two decades. The rewilding of broadleaf woodland surrounding the estate encapsulates the purpose-built facility, which blends itself effortlessly into the landscape.

The new ownership sees significant plans well underway, and the initial investment has secured continued business growth at record levels. Tŷ Nant products are truly unique in shape and colour, which offer a point of difference to the consumer and with a forecast of new product developments on the horizon an array of exciting announcements will be unveiled very soon.

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