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The Chocomosa

Chef’s signature dessert of a light crispy pastry parcel filled with a melted Belgian chocolate ganache, served with homemade vanilla ice cream


(Makes 4 portions)


Flaked almonds – 10gms

Callebaut Dark Chocolate

Callets 53.8% – 75gms

Butter unsalted – 30gms

Caster sugar – 12gms

Egg medium – 1

Spring roll pastry pouch – 8 (see recipe below)

Oil (for frying)

Plain flour-handful

1 Banana



  1. Preheat the oven to 220C and the roast the almonds for 5 minutes until toasted but not burned.

  2. Melt the chocolate, butter, sugar and egg in a bain-marie, mixing gently occasionally, until it forms a smooth ganache. It should take about 7 minutes. Leave to cool, then add the roasted almond fakes. Mix well and refrigerate for 12 hours.

  3. Divide the ganache into 8 equal parts.

  4. Mix some flour with water to make a paste to stick the edges of the samosa together, which will stop the ganache from oozing out when gently frying.

  5. Place one spoon of ganache into the pastry pouch, continue folding into a samosa shape, enclosing the ganache mixture. Stick the sides well with the flour paste.

  6. Deep fry at 180C for 30 seconds.

  7. Slice the banana, dust with sugar and caramelize with a blow torch.

  8. To serve place two slices of banana, with the chocomosa on top with vanilla ice-cream 

Samosa Pastry

Portion – 75 pouches

30 sheets of ready made spring roll

pastry – 1

(Approx. 250mmx 250mm)

  1. Cut the spring roll sheet into 16 five and-a-half cm rectangles.

  2. On the long side of each rectangle, mark 13cm, from the bottom of the left hand corner. Make a cut from this mark to the right hand corner. Take 2 rectangles and put them together at right angles to form an L shape with the joining corner ‘cut away’.

  3. Fold over each leg to the L once to make a pouch. So each rectangle will make 15 pastry pouches, and a total of 75 pouches from the entire pastry sheet. Add in the samosa mixture and continue folding into a samosa shape, enclosing the mixture.

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