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A Partnership with The Parsnipship - Nutchi Acquired by The Parsnipship

The Parsnipship makes delicious and beautifully vibrant vegetarian and vegan bakes. To help them expand their vegan range, they have recently acquired vegan nut-based cheese alternative producer Nutchi. The Parsnipship will sell Nutchi products as well as using Nutchi products in future recipes.

The Parsnipship began back in 2007 as a market stall at Cardiff’s Riverside Market. Owners Flo and Ben were inspired to start their business as they were disappointed by the options available to vegans and vegetarians when eating out. Co-founder Ben Moss has been working in the catering industry for over 25 years, and is passionate about creating unique, quick and easy meals for those who are committed to a plant-based diet. Ben says ‘Here at The Parsnipship, we spend the week hand-crafting the finest vegetarian and vegan products in our kitchens in Ogmore Vale. We strive to be original, provocative & pack our creations with big, punchy flavours.’

Over the years, the Parsnipship has grown into an innovative business that supplies major wholesalers in Wales such as Castell Howell and Blas Ar Fwyd, as well as numerous farm shops, delis, cafes and restaurants right across Wales. Their success has allowed them to branch out, and at the end of last year, The Parsnipship was approached by Nutchi. Nutchi (named after the main ingredient of the products being nuts and ‘chi’, a Chinese word for life force energy) is a delicious nut based vegan savoury - basically vegan cheeses, but they are more so an alternative cheese, rather than an imitation of it. Nutchi was created by Charmaine in Cardigan, West Wales, and started being sold in shops just before the pandemic. However, Charmaine realised she would need help scaling up and growing her business. Charmaine approached The Parsnipship as she had previously worked for them and knew they would make the perfect collaboration with Nutchi as they both work to cater to plant-based lifestyles, and the rest is history! Ben and Flo are excited for the partnership as it will help them expand their vegan range, and help them move away from using dairy ingredients in their products. Flo Ticehurst, Director at Parsnipship comments ‘At The Parsnipship we are always thinking about how we can develop and diversify, so when the chance to acquire this innovative one-woman business came along rather serendipitously, we couldn't resist!’

Charmaine is now working with the Parsnipship to scale up the project and start developing new products. The Parsnipship is planning to relaunch Nutchi in September, and are hoping to show off their new range at the Abergavenny Food Festival in September, and at Blas Cymru in October.

Contact The Parsnipship on 01656 857130 or visit their website at

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