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Cardiff Takeaway Transforms Into Rotating Restaurant

In its first month of opening Riversides' Neighbourhood Kitchen has been dishing out the deliciousness. It’s ‘rotating menu’ will make each visit special whilst still hosting a familiar cocktail selection to return to.

If you’re on the look out for new venues this summer, Neighbourhood Kitchen is the place to go. Not only do they have vendors who locally source produce, they have also partnered with Welsh breweries such as Flowerhorn Brewery and Tenby Brewing Co.

After visiting recently, I can confirm that I had a breakfast to remember, their monthly resident Rogue Welshcakes has resurrected your grandma’s old recipe and turned it into a fun flavoursome experience for all. Whether you're sweet or savoury, your needs will be catered for, and if you’ve never had a Marmite Welshcake, you’re missing out.

The team behind the dream are husband and wife duo Tudor and Caroline Barber. They came up with the idea of a monthly chef residency in February of last year. Their concept came to life during lockdown, and lucky for them it coincided with Cardiff Councils re-generation project on Tudor Street which is looking to help the community.

The premises had been a takeaway for 6 years and hadn’t been occupied for the last two years. This is the perfect place for Neighbourhood Kitchen to open its doors as it's a short walk to Cardiff Central Station.

The pair want to bring the community together in Riverside and offer people a different taste of it each time they come. Just around the corner from them is The Tramshed where they recently ran a street food event for the Euros, trying to get a seat was like winning one of Wonka’s golden tickets! The planning had to be precise with rotating kitchens and hosting events.

Neighbourhood Kitchen have already had street food legends taking over their kitchen in recent weeks...

Jollof House Party - Chef and hip hop musician Tumi Williams brings West African food to Cardiff with a twist.. IT'S VEGAN! The ultimate jollof rice.

Pimp My Porridge - Healthy smoothie bowls, indulgent overnight oats, granola galore. The best way to fuel your day.

Rogue Welshcakes - Welshcakes, 21st century style. Served with sides and bursting with flavour.

Sin Nombre - Homemade taco's filled with anything from lamb to monkfish. They cater to all needs with halloumi and falafel options.

Hero Cubano - Since February 2021 Hero Cubano have been creating cuban styled sandwiches. Using a selection of local ingredients, the in house pickles will pickle you pink.

Like what you see? Book at table now at and follow @neighbourhoodcardiff to keep up with who's cooking up a storm next...

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