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Castle Dairies Butter Roll with Halen Mon Sea Salt Crystals - Review

Castle Dairies thinks that Wales is the best place in the world to make butter because of Wales’ mild summer and plentiful rain causing the growth of plush green pastures year-round. After trying their new butter roll with Halen Mon sea salt crystals, I’m inclined to agree!

Castle Dairies is a family run business and if there’s one thing that the Lloyd family understands, it’s cream. Their butter is made with 100% Welsh cream that gives it a beautifully creamy feel and a decadently rich taste. The Halen Mon salt adds the perfect amount of saltiness to the butter that other brands seem to lack, making it so delectable that I almost ate it by itself (although I did pair it with some Carr crackers which were the perfect combination if you want to truly appreciate the taste of the butter without any other ingredients overwhelming your palette).

John Emyr Lloyd has been churning cream for over 40 years, so Castle Dairies has had plenty of time to perfect their recipe. Enjoy it on a slice of white bread fresh from the oven.

Grab Castle Dairies salted butter roll and 500g Salted Spreadable Butter in Welsh Tesco’s for £1.99

Contact Castle Dairies on 029 2088 3981 or email them at

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