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Do You Know About Pontypridd’s Hidden Chinese & Korean Kitchen?

Janet’s Kitchen is something of legends at the indoor market in Pontypridd. Set amongst the bustling streets of the town centre, Janet’s is just a small walk from Ponty Park.

The market, known for local produce and little traditional cafes, had a shake up when Janet was looking for a place to set up her Korean / Chinese kitchen. Now, thanks to Janet, the hall is filled with those oh so alluring scents of soft to touch barbecue beef bao, her signature special fried rice and a home-made Genral Tso chicken.

Janet grew up in the Yanbian area of China which is on the border with North Korea. She started cooking for the whole family of 6 at just 10 years old. Her love of cooking enabled her to travel all across the world with her North East Asian flavours where she inevitably met her Pontypridd husband Huw. Janet says her heart lies within her Chinese-Korean heritage when it comes to cooking and that's exactly what she has brought to Pontypridd market.

After travelling the globe she found her home in the Welsh town of Pontypridd. When she was looking for a place to open her kitchen she considered other towns but realised Pontypridd is home, reminding her of the markets of China she knew Pontypridd Market would be the perfect place. Janet loves introducing Korean / Chinese food to locals and she has had nothing but praise from the people of Pontypridd.

In the kitchen, it's just Janet and a server who takes orders and brings the food to the tables. From the streets of Pontypridd back to the Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai by the time she left university, Janet had a stint at the restaurant learning everything she could from the celebrity chefs. At 23 she applied for an airline and got the job out of a thousand applicants, allowing her to travel all around the world, trying the tastes and spices of all the local markets.

If you're desperate to try some of Janet's delicacies head down to Pontypridd Market:

Opening Hours Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 - 16:00

Visit Janet's Authentic Northern Chinese & Korean Kitchen on Facebook

Check out Janet's Kitchen at the Welsh Street Food Awards this Sunday at Roath Yard Market 7/8 August Click Here For Link


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