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Honey: Sweet smell of success

Shane Jones started keeping bees aged twelve, with one small beehive in the back garden. Thirty years on and the bees remain happily in the same spot today. Steadily building up the hive numbers and honey production; what started as a cottage industry has now blossomed into the Bee Welsh Honey Company, launched in July this year at the Royal Welsh Show.

Based at the heart of mid Wales, in Builth Wells, Bee Welsh Honey enjoys the rich array of floral flavours that start with the first spring blooms, through to the late autumn heather found across the moors. Frequently winning best-in-show at the Royal Welsh; 2018 saw Shane’s success continue; with wins in both July – and in October – when he won the heather honey class at the national.

Most important to this new brand, is the continuation of a high-quality product, which wouldn’t happen without Shane’s commitment to keeping his hard working bees happy throughout the summer months.

Bee Welsh Honey only extracts honey via the cold extraction process, to preserve all of nature’s pure goodness. The honey is harvested, extracted, and bottled by hand with Shane’s passion and love, as was his very first jar of this liquid gold.

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