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Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Co uncompromising in quality and ethically sourcing for Wales.

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

When buying your day to day food items it’s fair to say you enjoy your staples. Maybe it’s nothing but Heinz beans for some or Hovis bread as the favoured staple for the other, rarely wagering from favoured brands. When it comes to salt, I’m sure readers aren’t too fussy or even do much more than pick the first one you see on the shelves. Well let’s introduce you to two people who have worked tirelessly, so they can bring both quality and affordability to this classic cupboard staple.

In 2016 Sherril Evans and Josh Wright began Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Co in Cwm-Yr-Eglwys, a small sandy cove nestled on the eastern side of the enchanting Dinas Island Peninsula. It takes two minutes on their website to see that the two’s tenacious love for quality sea salt is more than just a product, it's an experience needed to be had by all.

After nurturing the idea of hand harvested sea salt that is not only sustainable and ecologically sound but boasts an exquisite structure and remarkable taste, they began their journey. Three years on from opening their doors, the quality of their perfected practice is apparent. Sherill and Josh are now masters of their art, turning seawater into the best tasting and best looking sea salt flakes they can. With love and dedication all the way o fôr i fwyd (from sea to food), they work tirelessly to tease out the unique flavours of the Pembrokeshire coast. Using the finest quality ingredients from Iranian Sargol Saffron to Wild Garlic foraged from the bottom of their garden, an exciting range of flavours meets every culinary fancy.

Before their award winning natural sea salt had such great success, the team started by making sea salt for body scrubs used in reflexology treatments at home, next came the fragrances, mainly to cover the costs of getting their culinary salt tested for its content and food safety. Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Co carries the same ethos from fragrant products to the culinary salt range and their uncompromising interest for ethical sourcing and quality taste has seen them thrive, winning 7 great taste awards back to back for the last three years, now being recognised as a great taste producer!

Head over to the website now to browse their quality products for yourself and read an authentic story of true Welsh passion.

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