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The Sustainable Start-ups being Kinder to our Planet!

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

It’s the age of change and now more than ever businesses are answering the calls of consumers to become more sustainable and climate friendly. Here’s some young businesses that have been promoting sustainability from the outset, paving the way to show how new businesses/producers can begin in a sustainable way and see great success. All businesses mentioned are being supported by Cywain's menter a business project where they give start-ups in the food and drink sector support to build from.

Since 2016, Crwst Cymru is a business that has gone from strength to strength, ethically. From award-winning Pembrokeshire Sea Salted Caramel to Crunchy Granola wherever possible Crwst Cymru creates quality products with little damage. Currently using compostable and recyclable packaging wherever possible, the business has impressed local consumers and also supports local producers and suppliers within 30 miles, reducing their carbon footprint! The team is dedicated to upholding its ethical stance with all new ventures and proves that you can have great success in such a short period, sustainably.

Coffi Ffa Da in Llandanwg only buy their green beans from suppliers who are committed to ensuring all workers enjoy safe treatment and comply with the modern slavery policy, their choice of suppliers guarantees farmers a sustainable future. Working alongside ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ the reduction of single use plastics is a must in growing their business.The packaging for their specialty coffee retail bags are tested and certified as fully compostable. The pouch was created for an affordable yet high quality option that is eco-friendly, fully compostable and can degrade in just 10 weeks. The team takes great care in ensuring their artisan coffee is freshly roasted, kept fresh and sustainable.

Welsh plant-based food producer Do Goodly Dips has secured its first national listing with a major retailer just a year after launch. The company is the result of a collaboration between friends Richard Abbey and Scott Davies and their Superstar Salsa won one-star Great Taste Awards in 2021! Mostly recyclable and ensuring food has a longer shelf life (cutting down on food waste), they plan to grow into the grocery sector and expand their current three-strong team. The team worked with Cywain’s menter a business project that supports the development and growth-orientate businesses in Wales. Do Goodly was part of Cywain’s inaugural ‘Scale-Up Challenge’ programme.

Last year 100% of The Little Welsh Chocolate Company’s energy was provided by renewable sources! Packaging that's 100% recyclable and opting for certified Fair Trade ingredients wherever possible ensuring farmers and producers a fair pay. The entire range is free from palm oil and soy, two ingredients causing major problems for our planet currently. Also taking their single use plastics to Capital Valley Plastics to be recycled and turned into damp proofing for local building works. The Little Welsh Chocolate Company is a great example of simple changes that make a big difference to local communities.

Halen Dewi, St Davids Sea Salt is produced by solar evaporation, is carbon neutral and environmentally sustainable. Back in 2016, the team were inspired to produce high quality natural sea salt without using gas or electricity. “We began experimenting with sea water evaporation using only the sun and the wind. By autumn 2017, we had perfected our unique process of solar evaporated salt. - Since then, our story has continued to be one of environmental sustainability and innovation.” Committed to keeping their natural sea salt pure and unrefined; Halen Dewi’s preservation of quality product, sustainably is one to watch.

With climate change now a key factor in many consumers' buying habits, these businesses show us that we can reduce, reuse and recycle all the while maintaining healthy, thriving businesses. Why not check out some of these products for yourself and experience the quality of some of these Great Taste winners delicacies.


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