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Welsh Minister Toast’s Dewi Sant at Welsh Wind Distillery

Eluned Morgan, on Dydd Gwyl Dewi, spent a splendid afternoon at the award-winning Welsh Wind Distillery. Tucked between Welsh woodland, overlooking the idyllic Cardigan bay, Welsh Wind has cultivated a greener approach for other Welsh businesses to follow suit.

Creating a rich tapestry of bespoke spirits, using the finest green malting methods and exclusively Welsh produce. Eluned shared her admiration 'Welsh Wind is a perfect example of our ambition to grow our circular economy with a focus on local agriculture, local employment and skills'

Carrying on in the spirit of St David, in a time of extreme uncertainty, Welsh Wind has been focused on supporting its local community, by providing training and work opportunities. A great success story.

‘Establishing a business, growing it and their workforce through a pandemic is a real achievement’ commented Eluned.

‘Dewi’r Ddyfwr’, nicknamed for his love of drinking, water, is the patron saint for celebrating all things, Welsh. We can't think of a better way to celebrate Cymru than this. Touring the stills, Eluned learned the secrets of how Welsh Wind produce their gin. Ending a perfect day, she toasted St David, as she sipped on a ‘Gardd Dewi Sant’ cocktail, mixed from their new Dewi Sant gin a part of the ‘Eccentric Spirits’ range.


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